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Guoyu is a leading supplier, manufacturer, and factory for packaging solutions, offering high-quality HDPE bottles, PET bottles, and plastic trigger sprayers for all your varied needs. Our products are perfect for storing liquids and come in capacities ranging from 0 to 99ml. Our wholesale prices are competitive without compromising on quality.

Our HDPE bottles are made of high-density polyethylene, which makes them strong, durable, and safe to use with many chemicals, oils, and solvents. If you prefer clarity and transparency, we offer PET bottles that enhance the product display with their glossy finish. Perfect for showcasing your beauty, health, or food products.

Don't forget our plastic trigger sprayers; they are made of top-quality materials, ensuring that they perform excellently in all operating environments. They are available in different nozzle sizes, making them adaptable to suit your specific requirements.

When it comes to quality, Guoyu is a trusted manufacturer that delivers products that surpass expectations. We are committed to providing prompt delivery, quick turnaround time, and exceptional customer support. Trust us to cater to your packaging needs.
  • Introducing our new product, the perfect solution for your daily hygiene needs. Our 0-99ml hand sanitizer dispenser is designed to keep you and your loved ones protected from germs, bacteria, and viruses, especially during these challenging times. Our dispenser is compact, lightweight, and easy to use, which makes it the ideal choice for home, office, or on-the-go. It is also made with high-quality materials that are durable and ideal for long-term use. You can easily refill the dispenser by pouring in your favorite brand of hand sanitizer or antiseptic solution into the container. Our hand sanitizer dispenser features a simple yet elegant design that blends seamlessly with any interior décor. The dispenser is ideal for placing on your desk, countertop, or any other convenient location within the home or workspace. Additionally, its small size ensures that it doesn't take up too much space. At 0-99ml, our hand sanitizer dispenser is the perfect companion for people who are always on the move. You can stay confident that you've got hygienic protection right at your fingertips, no matter where you go. We take pride in our high-quality product, and our primary concern is your safety and that of your loved ones. With our 0-99ml hand sanitizer dispenser, you're in safe hands. Get yours today and enjoy the benefits of pure and safe hygiene.
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