500ml 2L Laundry Detergent Bottle With Handle Wholesale

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From soap to washing powder to liquid detergent, it can be said that the change in lifestyle has made the use of more convenient laundry detergent popular in the market. The use of laundry detergent bottles has increased rapidly. Under such circumstances, the laundry detergent bottle also took over the shopping malls that used to pack laundry detergent in plastic bags. The laundry detergent bottle market has grown from nothing, and it has also brought a new field to plastic bottle packaging manufacturers. Now, the mainstream laundry detergent bottles in the shopping mall basically have the same appearance, and the capacity is about 4L and 2L. The design of this type of laundry bottle is also becoming more and more reasonable. For example, the liquid detergent bottle cap is made into a measuring cup, which is convenient for users to control the amount of laundry liquid used during laundry. However, the appearance of laundry detergent bottles in shopping malls is too fixed now.
Products name 500ml 2L Laundry Detergent Bottle With Handle Wholesale
Material HDPE
Neck finish 42/410  56/410
Weight 49g  130.8g
Color customized
MOQ 10000pcs
Closure screw
Service OEM and ODM
Authorization ISO9001 2015     
Decoration silk screen printing/Hot stamping/labeling 
 Now some single young people do not often do laundry. Assuming that the laundry detergent bottle is too large, it takes a long time for these young people to use up the bottle with too much capacity. Therefore, the introduction of smaller-capacity laundry detergent bottles is in line with market demand.   Laundry detergent bottles are big or small. What are their advantages?1. It is convenient and quick to use the laundry detergent bottle, just unscrew the cap when using it. 2. The laundry detergent bottles are dazzling, attracting the attention of the world, whoever wears the best "clothes" will simply be taken home by customers! 3. There are small packages of laundry detergent bottles, so that they can be easily carried by travelers. 4.The use of laundry detergent bottles can bring great benefits to your life.

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