18/20/410 plastic double walled screw cap

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1.strong self-locking ability, the lid is not easy to be removed.The axial force of the lid is uniform, which is conducive to sealing. 2.Reliable, durable caps and closures are every bit as important as the glass or plastic container that holds your product. A tight-sealing cap ensures that your products are well-protected, preventing spills which can be both messy and costly. Without a dependable closure for your bottles and jars, you risk product loss and decreased consumer confidence in your products. 3.Since the development of plastic caps, its role is no longer limited to packaging and sealing. More often, major brands are more inclined to select or design and produce new and peculiar caps that are rare or absent in the market to highlight their brand characteristics. And the new and peculiar cap type is no longer controlled by the single-layer screw cap, so the double-layer or even multi-layer combination screw cap has been developed in the follow-up.The plastic screw caps have the characteristics of firm sealing, leak proof, good anti-theft performance, safe and convenient use, which can effectively prevent the liquid in the container from being polluted by the outside world and ensure that the packaging of various liquid products meets the national safety standards. The screw cap is connected and sealed with the spiral structure of the container through the spiral structure of the rotating cover itself. Due to the advantages of the screw structure, the nut can produce a large axial force through the bite between the threads, which is easy to realize the self-locking function and has strong sealing performance. Generally, sealing products with high requirements are sealed with caps. Features of screw lid: by rotating the lid, tighten or loosen the bottle cap.Plastic bottle caps are an important part of daily chemical and food packaging, and also the place where consumers and products first contact. Plastic nuts can not only maintain the air tightness of product contents, but also have anti-theft opening and safety functions, so they are widely used in daily chemical, food, beverage, wine, chemical, pharmaceutical and other packaging products!
Products name 18/20/410 plastic double walled screw cap
Material PP
Neck finish 18/20/410
Weight 3.6g
Dimension 17.62mm*20.65mm
Color Customized
MOQ 10000pcs
Closure screw
Service OEM and ODM
Testing ISO9001 ISO14001
Decoration silk screen printing/Hot stamping/labling

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